Immigration by Investment

Why Ireland?

Get a permanent residence in Ireland and join one of the strongest economies in Europe!

  • Ireland is a committed member of Europe.
  • No obligation to learn English.
  • Residence requirement only 1 day per year.
  • Full stamp for the visa provided for 5 years even after the investment period is closed and the investors’ money is returned.


Completed investor applications, notarized supporting documents and application fees are submitted by the advisor to IDLF. The IDLF performs background checks and documentation validation procedures. The application will be subject to an important anti-money laundering compliance review by the IDLF before the request is submitted to the Department of Justice.


If there is no request for additional information, expect a 2-month processing period from the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice will issue an interim letter of approval, subject to the minimum IDLF investment.


Once the provisional approval letter has been issued, the investor invests € 1,000,000 in the IDLF within one month. The IDLF confirms that the investment has been received by the Department of Justice and the advisor.


Visits Ireland in person to complete the residency permit process. The IDLF will meet the investor at Dublin Airport, and will organize and accompany an appointment with the Ministry of Justice. the investor is obliged to travel to Ireland one day a year to maintain the residence permit. The investor receives a residence permit of 2 years. After this period of 2 years, this residence permit is extended by 3 years, provided


  • The investor has not been a financial burden for Ireland
  • Has not been convicted of a criminal offense. Subsequently, the residence permit is renewed every 5 years without limit. 5 years and 6 months after the investment, the IDLF fund is liquidated and the investment of € 1,000,000 is returned to the investor



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Costs vary according to the number of people, the age of the children and the options chosen. Total costs include government application fees, security background checks, selected option and legal and consulting fees

Fund IDLF is liquidated and the investment of € 1,000,000 is returned to the investor






70 273 kmé


Time zone

UTC – +00.00



5.011.102 (classé 121ème)


Official language

Irish & english


Politic system

Parliamentary Republic


78.3% of the inhabitants declare themselves Catholic and 9.8% have no religion. The remaining 11.9% are Protestant, Muslim, etc.



Euro (EUR)

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When the Government has been fully implemented, it takes 4-6 weeks to receive the official letter of pre-approval from the Department of Justice. When the investment is made, you are welcome to take your PR card to the Department of Justice (beginning to end is 3 months) .

The investor may choose to invest in a mix of investments. The investment of € 450,000 in a private residence (can not be rented) plus an additional € 500,000 in government bonds (at 0%) for 5 years. This option is desirable when the applicant wants to reside physically in the long term in Ireland.