Immigration by Investment

Why Bulgaria?

The Bulgaria Fast-Track Citizenship Program allows the applicant to obtain permanent residence in 3-4 months, and full Bulgarian “EU” citizenship within 20-24 months. Only spend few days (6) in Bulgaria. Unrestricted right as citizen to live, work and study in Europe. right to own land in any EU country

  • Government processing time for due diligence and permanent residence is only 3-4 months.
  • After holding Permanent Residence for only one year, apply to receive Bulgarian citizenship
  • There are no restrictions on nationalities (all foreign nationalities may apply)
  • Citizens have visa-free access to approximately 142 countries and territories, including Canada and Europe. Free movement in Schengen zone.
  • There is no age restriction, language requirement, in-country residency requirement, education requirement, or management/business experience required.


  • The principal applicant must be minimum age 18 years (no maximum age).
  • The applicant must provide a declaration explaining the source/origin of invested funds. Hold no criminal record. Possess a valid passport or another foreign travel document.
  • The applicant must visit Bulgaria twice (for 2 and 4 days respectively), but there is no further requirement for in-country residence
  • The applicant must invest €1,024,000 in Bulgarian government bonds, for 5 years, to obtain residence and fast-track citizenship. a “walk-away” payment of €260,000,
  • The applicant must pass a medical and security background check.



Southeast European country located in the Balkan peninsula. It borders the Black Sea on the east, Greece and Turkey on the south, the Danube and Romania on the north, Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia on the west. Its capital is Sofia.





110,944 km²


Time zone

UTC +2



7,101,510 hab


Officiel languages



Political system

Parliamentary Republic



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Yes, you can, but you will be classified as a foreign student and must pay additional fees. However, the European Commission has launched several exchange programs between European universities to make access easier.

There are 2 statutory trips for each applicant in the different stages of application.