Why Canada?

Access to huge markets!: Foreign investors in Canada can take advantage of huge markets with ALENA (USA-MEXICO), CEE (Europe) (2016) and South Korea (2015) – a dynamic market ($35 billion USD) representing half of the world production. (Source: World Bank).

A strong economy: From 2003 to 2012, Canada was ranked 1st out of the G-7 countries for economic growth. (Source: World Bank).

Qualified and skilled workers

Very low taxes: The tax rate is very low for companies, mainly for investments (rate is approximately 17 points lower than the US rate). (Source: Finance Canada)

A concurrential environment for R&D: Canada is a G-7 country, where the costs of R&D are the lowest. (Souces: KPMG) Financial stability: “Best banking system of the world” (Source: World Economic Forum)

An exceptional place to invest, work, and live: As a multicultural society, Canada has many world-class universities and schools, a universal healthcare system, “green” cities and the second highest level of life contentment among the countries who are members of G-20. ( PIB per person) (Source: World Bank)






9 984 670 km2


Time zone

UTC – 3:30 – 8



36,000,048 inhabitants 


Official languages

English and French


Système politique

Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy


Mainly catholic


Canadian dollar

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