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Coplan offers you 3 options

Coplan, as advisor, offers personalized services to Business Leaders and Top-Executives.

- Since 1988 -

About Coplan

COPLAN is a Canadian family company that operates in 3 market niches in terms of business development: Citizenship by Investment, Permanent Residency by Investment and Geographical Diversification of Worth (business acquisition, start-up and real estate investment). Its clientele is made up of business leaders and senior Top-Executives from different countries. Our goal is to achieve meaningful and concrete results in a return on investment perspective by using our national and international network of contacts to maximize ROI.

Our Mission​

Help you to achieve your goals through an innovative business development strategy.

Our team

Our values

Concrete approach

Interventions focused on the results


We provide you a real service


We put ourselves in your shoes


Synergy between team members to innovate

Become a Coplan's agent

COPLAN has many partners in different countries and is always looking to expand its network with private bankers, accountants and other financial and / or legal professionals, business people with an excellent reputation and a good High Net Worth (HNW) customer base. If you are eligible, please contact us at with your e-mail address, phone and information about your network and we will contact you to explain what type of agreement we can offer.


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